Understanding and Using Lightroom CC Classic


Mitch Stringer

Understanding and Using Lightroom Workshop CC Classic: April 28TH & 29TH Now accepting enrollment Only 2 spots left!


Understanding and Using Lightroom Workshop CC Classic: April 7th & 8th Now accepting enrollment – SOLD OUT


As I am constantly receiving requests I anticipate running more workshops throughout the winter/Spring & summer and early fall. If you would like me to work with a group session please contact me to discuss potential dates. mitch@mitchstringer.ca

Please contact me if you wish to be placed on a cancellation list or if you wish to be contacted for the next seminar that I arrange 2018



These 2 day comprehensive seminars will introduce you to:

  1. Understanding the import function including: metadata management, folder management and RAW & jpeg import options and considerations
  2. Library module basics
  3. Development module controls: settings and maximizing image quality
  4. Image export considerations

This course is meant to improve first and foremost, your understanding of Lightroom CC Classic. It is my intent to have you run through many of the functions in detail with enough time to experience, review and truly understand the topics being discussed.

The ‘Understand and Using Lightroom CC Classic’ seminars will run for two days: 9:00am – 3:00pm. (1/2 hour lunch break).

For more information please email directly: mitch@mitchstringer.ca