Understand the photographic process and be confident in your control of the photographic outcome of the image.

This course offers continued instruction of photographic components, theory and application. Topics to be covered include: review of camera & photographic basics (a refresher for everyone), further instruction in depth of field and exposure control and photographic compositional elements. If you are using film, plan to shoot approx. 6-8 rolls of print film transferred to digital images during the course. Please note: these courses are designed with an emphasis on dSLR/SLR camera functionality. Compact and bridge camera photographers are welcome but your camera must have manual shutter speed and aperture control functions.

I will be offering this course via remote learning synchronous lectures.

All courses will be run ‘real-time’ on/at the designated time. All classes will be run using Zoom. All course participants will be on-line at the same time, able to see each other and participate as close to ‘in-person’ and ‘in-class’ as possible.

This does mean that the student will require a computer/laptop or tablet or cell phone with the zoom app loaded, a microphone and headphones as well as a good internet connection.

Prerequisites: It is strongly recommended that you will have completed: Photography: Introduction before considering this course. Note: there is no post-production instruction in this course, that topic is explored in detail in the Lightroom and Photoshop courses being offered.

Wednesday Sept 23rd – Nov 18th 6:30-8:30pm (No class Wednesday Nov 11th)

Cost = $299 + gst

For more information/questions please email directly: mitch@mitchstringer.ca